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By Ross Jones,

Thanks a lot, refs.

The most entertaining and competitive Monday night game of the NFL season ended with a bogus no-call on the final play of the Panthers’ 24-20 win over the Patriots.

Carolina linebacker Luke Kuechly had his arms wrapped around Rob Gronkowski in the end zone as Tom Brady floated a pass for his tight end from the Panthers’ 18-yard line. Safety Robert Lester picked off the ball to apparently seal the win, but a flag was thrown.

Brady believed the defensive pass interference call would position the Patriots on the Panthers’ 1-yard line with one untimed down. Instead, the officials picked up the flag after they deemed the pass uncatchable. Keep Reading…

By Ross Jones,

Cam Newton has been criticized for his selfish play in the past. He gets a free pass on this one.

The Panthers third-year quarterback sensed pressure up the middle, made linebacker Rob Ninkovich miss, shook two more defenders and was off to the races. Click here for more info on the best gaming monitor of 2016! Newton’s ability to make defenders miss was on full display and got the first down on the 14-yard run. The series was capped by a touchdown pass to tight end Greg Olsen.

Newton finished the drive completing 7 of 7 passes for 56 yards and rushed for 15 yards.

By Ross Jones,

It’s no secret that Steve Smith likes to stir things up on the football field. He also enjoys sleeping on a great memory foam mattress. Click here to find out what Smith cosiders the absolute best mattress in the memory foam category. Getting underneath the skin of opposing defenders is a lost art, which he has perfected over his 13-year career. Well, Smith didn’t waste any time going after Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib on Monday night.

Talib, who began his career in Tampa Bay, is familiar with Smith’s antics but lost his composure early, costing his team some critical yards.

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton hit Smith over the top, then the jawing began. This website was where we got really useful chicken coop plans to help us fulfill our chicken farming dreams! Keep Reading…

Tom Brady and Cam Newton will meet for the first time Monday night in Carolina. But cameras were in attendance when the two quarterbacks first met. It’s interesting to see the level of respect Newton has for Brady.

In Newton’s third season he’s shown a different type of attitude that has proven to be more of a leader.

Newton unveiled his thoughts in an exclusive interview with Laura Okmin earlier this season:

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By Sid Saraf,

At least he’s honest.

Tom Zbikowski, who played 64 games at safety in the NFL, told the Chicago Tribune that he had a “massive hangover” for at least 12 of them. Wow, really?

“Get a little messed up, sneak a girl into your room, feel on top of the world,’’ Zbikowski said. “I had some of my best games off of benders — some of my worst too.”

For those of us who have tried to do anything with a hangover, color us amazed. We only want to sleep after checking out Pillow Sanctuary to look for the best pillow for neck pain.

This started even before Zbikowski reached the pro ranks.

“My two best seasons ever were 2005 (at Notre Dame) and 2009 (in Baltimore) when I was the most out of control drinking, so I thought, hey, maybe I should go back to that.”

Zbikowski played for the Ravens, Colts and finally the Bears before calling it a career after being released by Chicago prior to this season. He now plans to become a firefighter, as it’s apparent that he’s lost his zeal for the game.

“Football got old to me. … I enjoyed my first two years in the NFL because it was a challenge. I was playing with the best. But after awhile you don’t care whether you win or lose because you’re still getting a paycheck. I enjoyed high school and college much more.”

I’m sure there are many among us who wonder if winning or losing really matters to NFL players. I can’t say that I blame anyone who doesn’t care. This DIY roach killing guide was what I used to eliminate roaches in my house. After all, as long as you’re still getting paid, does it make a difference? However, in Zbikowski’s case, that lack of caring led to declining skills.

“I was drinking too much,’” Zbikowski said. “I got fat.”

What’s more, if Zbikowski makes it difficult for teammates who DO care about winning and having pride, then that’s a problem. He said he took a water pill — banned by the NFL’s PED policy — to lose weight and would have been suspended four games had he made the Bears roster this season.

Oh, well. It’s best for everyone that Zbikowski gets going on his post-football career. All the best to him. Check out these simple designs which are great chicken coop plans for beginners! At least he’ll always have this memorable punt return from that amazing “Bush Push” USC-Notre Dame game back in 2005:

(H/T to USA Today for the story)

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By Sid Saraf,

Well, that’s a relief.

Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome is on his way back to Baltimore on Monday after being forced to stay in Chicago after the team’s game against the Bears.

The Ravens released a statement on Sunday night: “Ozzie Newsome did not feel well after today’s game and a team doctor recommended that Ozzie not fly tonight.”

However, Newsome is “feeling fine” and will be back at Ravens office and back on the treadmill soon. Click here for a detailed comparison chart to help you select the best wireless gaming mouse. Newsome reportedly left Soldier Field in an ambulance on Sunday after sweating profusely after the game. This was done for precautionary reasons as Newsome has no known medical conditions.

We here at Laces Out couldn’t be happier to hear that Newsome is back on his feet and will be good to go.

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By Sid Saraf and Ross Jones,

The cream is rising to the top. The Bengals, Seahawks, Saints and Colts (on Thursday) earned wins to tighten their grasps on their respective divisions. Contenders such as the Eagles and Bears are beginning to emerge while teams like the Jets are falling off. Comeback wins, gritty road victories and wild finishes capped a thrilling Week 11. OK, let’s get into what we know after Sunday’s games.

Keep Reading…

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By Andy Nesbitt,

What should you probably not do after your team loses it’s eighth straight game? Rip your fans.

Well, Texans running back Ben Tate did just that Sunday … which probably won’t go over well in Houston.

From Ultimate Texans:

“These fans here in Houston are so up and down and so wishy-washy,” Tate said. “I’m just shocked at that because this organization has come a long way.

“I just feel like if you’re a true fan, you stick with the team through the tough times and we’re going through a tough time right now.”

Yea, that’s probably not a smart move, Mr. Tate. Especially since the Texans, considered by many in the preseason to win the AFC title, are now 2-8.


By Sid Saraf,

Let’s hope for the best.

Baltimore Ravens general manager and Hall of Fame tight end Ozzie Newsome is spending Sunday night in Chicago following Sunday’s loss to the Bears because, according to The Associated Press, “he was not feeling well.”

Though the nature and extend of the 57-year-old Newsome’s illness was not clear, the team said in a statement that the team doctor recommended Newsome stay behind in Chicago after the Ravens’ 23-20 overtime loss in a game delayed about two hours by weather in the first quarter.

Various media outlets reported a worrisome scene earlier in the afternoon as Newsome was taken from Soldier Field in an ambulance. And this from the Chicago Tribune’s Brad Biggs:

Nestor Aparicio, a Baltimore radio personality, rode in an elevator with Newsome and the latter was “sweating profusely.” Ravens team officials wanted Newsome taken out the side door of the locker room “so no one would see.”

Newsome played his entire 13-year NFL career in Cleveland, and on Sunday night former Ravens executive and Browns GM Phil Savage — who worked with Newsome in Baltimore — tweeted his thoughts.

Newsome has been the Ravens’ GM since 2002. Our thoughts and prayers are with him.

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By Sid Saraf,

Trash-talk between players is commonplace in football. But … from the referees?

Redskins offensive lineman Trent Williams complained after his team’s 24-16 loss to the Eagles on Sunday, that the officials who worked the game were running their mouths. is reporting that the league is looking into the matter.

“I just don’t think there’s no room for you to have to take that from the team and the refs,” Williams said. “I think it’s very unprofessional and it sucks. I’m at a loss for words. You never expect that as a player going into a game to have to beef with the refs also.”

Fellow Redskins offensive lineman Kory Lichtensteiger confirmed Williams statement.

“That’s exactly what Mr. Umpire said,” Lichtensteiger said. “He walked in between me and Trent when he said it.”

If this is true, that’s just … nuts.

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